Whatever the sector, industry or pay rate, whether you are a first timer or career locum, BlackStone Accountancy will be able to help.
New Locums
We can help you decide on whether operating your own business is the right way for you to carry out the work you do.

If the business route is right for you then we can guide you on getting started, giving advice on the type of entity, e.g. Limited Company or Sole Trader, helping you structure the business in the most tax efficient manner, giving advice on business bank accounts and informing you of the various responsibilities, statutory filing requirements, taxes and other relevant necessities that come with running your own business. We provide back office admin support, accounting and taxation services allowing you the freedom to carry on as a locum whilst still maintaining control over your own finances. Our services are tailored to suit your requirements, so how much freedom and support you want is entirely up to you.

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Already have an accountant or service provider?
Switching accountants is easier than your current accountant will let on, there are recognised professional guidelines that all reputable accountants and service providers follow. Once you have signed up with us and informed your existing provider to terminate their services we will handle the necessary handover, including obtaining your most up to date accounting, taxation and payroll documentation to ensure a smooth transition.

Please call us on 0800 043 3046 and we will guide you through the process.See our Locum Packages