Business Development

At Blackstone Accountancy we look to ‘add value’ to businesses by implementing realistic strategies to help improve growth and overcoming obstacles which are stopping growth. Our partners are approved ‘Growth Coaches’ and our Business Development service helps Small & Medium Businesses to drive growth through better sales strategies and operations. Fortunately this is a government funded scheme where, depending on the size of your business shown in the table below, you contribute an amount mentioned and the rest is ‘paid for on your behalf’ by the government. The training and development is worth £3,500.
How you can benefit from the Business Development service
Our business development experts can help you to:
  • Take a fresh look at where sales opportunities exist
  • Create a breakthrough plan for the next 12 months
  • Establish growth priorities across your entire business
  • Motivate your team to achieve more with the same resources
Business SizeContribution
Micro Business with 1-4 employees£600 + £700 VAT
Small Business with 5-49 employees£1,500 + £700 VAT
Medium Business with 50-249 employees£3,000 + £700 VAT
If you would like to know how Blackstone Accountancy could help your business, please contact us on 0800 043 3046.